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Awake and Alive
While I breathe, I hope.
Melancholia [ C.1 ] 

Title: Melancholia
Chapter: One - Field of Tulips
Rating: NC- 17
Genres: Romance/Smut/Drama
Characters: Nicole, Kikwang, Hyunkwang (oc). some cameos from B2ST/Kara.
Pairings: ColeKwang (it's either Kikwang or Hyunkwang. Hoho.)

Humid air wafted inside his room, swaying his crisp, dark blue curtains aside. He never expected to be awoken in such stifling atmosphere and somehow, he regretted leaving his window open the previous night. Groaning inwardly, Kikwang forced himself up despite his internal protests to ignore the heat and just sleep further, but he needed to; if not, he’ll be forced to get up, eventually. Once his view started to clear, he scanned around his room and noticed that the air conditioner was off. “Oh, right,” he mumbled, pushing his sheets aside as he stepped off the bed. “Somebody needs to fix it.”

His morning routine went by like usual, except for the fact that he didn’t take a bath under warm water, for once. On his way to getting breakfast, he passed by his brother’s room, the door slightly open. Knowing his perfectionist of a brother very well, Kikwang frowned. When did he become so careless? He remembered the times when he was younger, he was never allowed inside the room; it was always left closed and locked to prevent him from infiltrating his older brother’s private space.

Grabbing the knob, he felt the coldness of the metal under his palm, instantly shooting a shiver down his spine. The air that came out from the gap was in great contrast with the air in his room, probably because his cooling system was broken. It took him a moment, a blink or two, before he decided to completely close the door. Apparently, even though he already grew up, he was still curious about what was inside that room - just a peek would suffice - but his brother’s stern voice echoed inside his head so he decided not to snoop in.

Letting go of the knob, Kikwang proceeded to walk down the hallway, glancing down at his crooked tie. He grabbed the silky cloth and tightened it just enough so it would stay put. When his eyes trailed back up to where he was going, he caught a glimpse of a white cloth turning around the corner. The hairs on his body rose, goosebumps gracing his skin afterwards. Clearing his throat nervously, Kikwang followed the figure, rubbing his eyes. He assumed that he was already having delusive daydreams because of his overworked body, but he just had to be sure that he wasn’t just seeing things.

Just as he was about to take another step, the soft but distinct smell of tulips stopped him in his tracks. The scent was fresh as if the flower was in full bloom and it instantly hypnotized his senses, making him immobile for a few moments. Had he not spotted a young woman with long, burnished dirty blonde tresses, he would have stayed still in his position for longer. Snapping out of his trance, Kikwang squinted his eyes in an effort to see the woman in a much clearer view.

The girl was wearing a white, flowy dress that rested comfortably just above her knees. Her upper body was covered by a dark blue knitted sweater that complemented the color of her hair. Though her face lacked of color and eyes were dull, Kikwang still found her rather beautiful; other women he’d seen had their faces caked with so many varieties of make-up he always seemed to fail naming.

Remembering that he was - indeed - still in his home and that this woman is a stranger(and that he should not check her out because she may or may not be dangerous), Kikwang went up to her, brows furrowed in curiosity. “Who’re you?” he asked, but the woman paid no heed towards his question. He found it very suspicious so he gritted his teeth and took another step closer to her. “I asked you a question.”

“I should ask you the same,” the girl answered back, still wearing the same expression she’d been wearing for the past five minutes. Mouth agape in disbelief, Kikwang let out a short huff before grabbing her arm, gripping tightly just in case she retaliates. Luckily, the girl remained quiet, except for the occasional hissing she’d let out whenever the man unconsciously pulls her arm. “Let me go.”


Kikwang pulled her arm and recklessly dragged her in the hallway. His brain wracked for any kind of reason why the security failed to notice the young woman entering the house without permission. Could it be that this was an inside job? His blood boiled and he was already fuming in anger that he failed to hear the protests of his captive. When they reached the main hall, he suddenly felt a strong pull from his free arm, making him turn his head sharply towards the person who dared to stop him.

“Hyunkwang hyu-”

“What are you doing to her?” his older brother asked, taking the girl’s arm and gently pulling Kikwang’s hand off of her. The younger raised a brow at his brother’s actions, but he didn’t defy him. He would never dare to. “Are you alright?” Hyunkwang smiled down at the woman, eyes scanning for any kind of bruise or wound that his brother might have left her with. “I shouldn’t have left you alone.”

“Who is she?” Kikwang asked, a brow raised. It would be the first time he’d seen his brother with another person - let alone a girl - so it made his curiosity tingle. His brother didn’t answer, too focused on the girl in front of him that anything else that was irrelevant were shielded out. The girl, though she didn’t hold much expression, she looked at him with sullen eyes. “Hyung.”

“I’ll explain later, let’s eat breakfast.”

Kikwang sat in the middle of the table, looking at his brother with eyes full of disgust. He actually took care of the girl like she was disabled and that made him roll his eyes. “So, when are you planning to tell me who she is?” he started, stabbing the leafy greens on his plate. He languidly looked at the innocent-looking Hyunkwang then trailed it towards the girl, judging her silently.

To be quite honest, he was greatly baffled. His brother could do way better than a simple girl, why her? There must be some kind of special reason why he chose this intruder. “She’s my patient,” Hyunkwang replied happily - almost too enthusiastically for Kikwang’s taste. “I’ll be treating her in a way that’s different from the conventional treatments the other doctors had given her.”

“Different? By bringing her home? Was she the one who left your door open?”

He never really understood why his brother took psychology; he never understood why he - the youngest son - was pushed to carry all the burdens of running their family owned company. “This isn’t the hospital, hyung,” he continued, not really minding the fact that the girl was now looking intently at him, as if she wanted to say something. “You’ve never brought patients here before, and if you did bring someone, you would always tell us or ask mother’s permission.”


“I almost thought she was a robber, had you not come, I would have already brought her to the police station,” he shot the girl a look, eyes grim and full of disappointment. What made her different from his other one hundred patients? What makes her so special to be treated inside their home? To be allowed inside his brother’s room where he had not stepped a foot on? The older male turned to give the nameless girl a worried gaze, but then he smiled once she caught his eyes. Kikwang watched everything silently and decided to stop talking. He then realized, ‘What if my brother’s in love with her?’

Before Hyunkwang could explain, or at least coax his brother into approving, the girl dropped the spoon on her plate and stood up. “I’m Nicole,” she spoke in a flat tone, bowing her head respectfully which made Kikwang roll his eyes in defeat. Well, he had no say in this. It is - after all - his brother’s job, though he still wasn’t satisfied with all the empty answers his brother gave him. It was always like this; he was always left out of the circle. “Sorry for the intru-”

“I’m going to work.”

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